Our team is constantly searching for what will become the next successful Genstar community. A cornerstone of our accomplishments is adherence to our strategic plan, that we maintain for each region in which we operate.

Genstar, and its U.S. affiliates GDC Communities (California) and The Pacific Group (Atlanta), have a growing portfolio of real estate projects across North America. We are always searching for opportunities to acquire land, form new joint ventures, or place equity funds in projects. Genstar is internally financed and can react quickly to new business ventures.

Our investment strategy includes a wide variety of opportunities, including direct purchases of real estate and equity financing for builders or developers. Our flexible capital structure allows Genstar to invest in transactions ranging in size and risk depending on the dynamics of a transaction or market. Genstar has experience investing in transactions at varying levels of completion, including raw land development opportunities and land entitlement properties, partially completed residential tracts of land, and finished lots.

With our extensive history, we find that most success comes from aligning ourselves with partners with similar goals, expectations and ethics. Typically, partners are relationship-oriented builders, developers, or land owners with high integrity, strong operational and financial controls, and quality reputation within the markets they operate.

In addition to direct acquisitions and equity financing, we invest in a number of alternative opportunities across North America. These investments include select fee-build opportunities, a model purchase program and a program to allow land banking of a builders existing assets.

Along with Genstar communities being developed in our Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg regions, our U.S. affiliates have residential real estate investments in multiple projects throughout California and the greater metropolitan Atlanta area.

If you have an investment opportunity for Genstar to consider, please contact:

Calgary Marcello Chiacchia

Edmonton Leigh Melnychuk

Winnipeg – Dave Boles

California – Dave Waters

Atlanta – Ray Cunliffe