Our Vision
Our Vision

At Genstar Development Company, our legacy is obvious. It's on the ground in the hundreds of communities that we have created since 1950 all across Canada and the United States - and it's a legacy we're tremendously proud of.

Our vision has always been to stand out from the crowd, whether measured by fairness, integrity, professionalism, or achievement in building financial value. To achieve this, our strategy has been to ensure a deep understanding of our industry, our competitive environment, and the needs of our consumer. This has been and remains dependent upon the talent and passion of the people who work here. Accordingly, over the years we have aggressively recruited others who share our culture and values, and we have brought together the best professionals in the industry to ensure the optimum blend of entrepreneurialism, insight, and experience.

We are very proud of the reputation and strong working relationships we have developed with our suppliers, contractors, consultants, government officials, builders, other developers, joint venture partners, and investors alike. Our goal is to capitalize on our past by continuing to replenish our asset base in both traditional greenfields as well as other forms of real estate investments. We feel more prepared than ever to meet the challenges ahead, and we look forward with excitement.

Clearly, Genstar's best years have yet to come.

Frank Thomas - Chief Executive Officer