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Carrington NW CalgaryIntroducing Carrington, a community framed by everyday necessities. Located in Calgary’s North West, Carrington is situated at the very heart of the city’s ‘new north’.

Gently sloping land provides view opportunities to the west, with natural wetlands, winding pathways and lookouts to enjoy. This highly walkable, culturally enriched and diverse community, will feature a future LRT station, school site and commercial centre with shops and services. Utilizing best practices in place making and sustainable design, Genstar Development Company brings over 65 years of experience to the community of Carrington. Everything you know and love about the north west, in a new contemporary package.

Show homes

Bradley - 3,679 sq. ft. with basement
4 bed /
3.5 bath
From the low $800,000s
Kenton - 2,233 sq. ft. - 122 Carringvue Drive
3 bed /
2.5 bath
From the mid $500,000s
Duplex - 1,482 sq. ft. - Jackson - 461 Carringvue Avenue
3 bed /
2.5 bath
From the high $300,000s
Duplex - 1,414 sq. ft. - Harrison - 465 Carringvue Avenue
3 bed /
2.5 bath
From the high $300,000s
Portman - 2,128 sq. ft. - 114 Carringvue Drive
3 bed /
2.5 bath
From the mid $500,000s
Coming Soon - Duplex - Bruno 1,444 sq ft
3 bed /
2.5 bath
From the low $300,000s

Carrington Map and Lot

The information relating to lot availability and lot pricing contained in this website does not constitute an offer to sell capable of being accepted by a purchaser. Genstar reserves the right to sell lots only to purchasers approved by it in its sole discretion. No obligation shall exist with respect to the sale of a lot until a formal purchase agreement has been signed between Genstar and an approved purchaser.
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Part of the Keystone Hills Planning Area, Genstar’s land holding (approx. 185 acres) is located in North Central part of Calgary and is bounded by the City’s ring road, Stoney Trail to the south. The holdings are part of a significant new growth area of the City that will house approximately 60,000 people and will employ 18,000 people. The area is the first development approved under the City’s new Municipal Development Plan which incorporates numerous sustainability objectives.

A portion of Genstar's land holding is the new home community of Carrington. It is located immediately north of the communities of Panorama Hills and Coventry Hills which are two Genstar communities that have been under development since the early 2000’s and are now complete. The development of the balance of the land holding is expected to commence in a couple of years once all the planning approvals are in place.



Cambrian Heights School (K-6)

Colonel Irvine School (5-9, Regular & Mandarin Bilingual)

James Fowler High School (10-12)


Calgary (Public) Board of Education 
Phone: (403) 817-4000



Msgr. Anderson (K-6)

St. Luke (K-6, French Immersion)

St. Margaret (K-9, Spanish Bilingual)

Madeleine d'Houet (7-9, French Immersion)

St.Francis (10-12, Spanish Bilingual & Extended French)

Notre Dame (10-12)


Calgary Catholic School Board
Phone: (403) 500-2000

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