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Discover the Genstar difference at Riverside. 

More green space to call home.

Riverside is Canada’s largest community of LEED® certified homes.

Coming home should feel like a welcome escape from the everyday. Riverside gives you that and more. Here, you’ll have plenty of green space to explore, with 145 acres of lush forest, extensive parklands and walking trails all outside your front door.

It’s not just Riverside’s natural backdrop that’s green though. Our well-crafted homes have been built to meet the high standards of LEED® Canada certification. You’ll enjoy better indoor air quality, and better conservation of water and energy so you’ll use less—and spend less, too.

Connect with nature and with family. Riverside gives you a natural lifestyle you’ll be proud to come home to.

joggerTake a morning jog through the mature White Spruce Forest and listen to the birds sing. duckEnjoy an evening stroll along the Sturgeon River and watch the sun set over the water. bikeBike through the natural wilderness of Red Willow Park that local moose and deer call home.  CanoeCanoe down the Sturgeon River into Big Lake, in neighbouring Lois Hole Provincial Park. houseLive in a home certified greener, healthier and more sustainable than standard houses. 


Open space abounds at Riverside.  An amazing 40% of the land here is dedicated to parklands and reserves creating a natural ‘riverside’ greenbelt and ideal space for your family to grow.

A stroll along one of the tree lined avenues that bisect Riverside will deliver you to the White Spruce Forest or the Red Willow Park on the Sturgeon River on the southern edge of the property.   Take a moment to relax and enjoy the serene, natural wilderness within the City.

Or, if you’re feeling a bit more energetic, Hogan’s trail will take you across the river to the Lois Hole Provincial Park, or the Big Lake wetland interpretive centre or the famous Enjoy Centre for a relaxing and healthy lunch.  Cylclists, walkers and nature lover’s alike, it’s all right at your doorstep.


St. Albert Public Schools
Phone: (780) 460-3712

Ronald Harvey Elementary School (K-6)
Phone: (780) 459-5541

W.D. Cuts Junior High School (7-9)
Phone: (780) 458-8585

Bellerose Composite High School (10-12)
Phone: (780) 460-8490


Greater St. Albert Catholic Schools
Phone: (780) 459-7711

Bertha Kennedy Catholic Community School (K-6)
Phone: (780) 458-6101

Vincent J Maloney Catholic Junior High School (7-9)
Phone: (780) 458-1113


St. Albert Catholic High School (10-12)
Phone: (780) 459-7781 

French Immersion Schools
Phone: (780) 459-7711

École Father Jan (K-6)
Phone: (780) 458-3300

École Alexandre Taché (7-9)
Phone: (780) 458-4878

École Secondaire Saint Marguerite d'Youville (7-12)
Phone: (780) 459-5702

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The lo - 2,448 sq. feet - 9 Riverside Drive
3 bed /
2.5 bath
From the low $400,000s
Cardiff B - 1,647 sq.ft. - 41 Roberge Close
3 bed /
2.5 bath
From the low $400,000s
Riley - 1,970 sq. ft. - 15 Riverside Drive
Please call for price.
Sienna - 2,249 sq ft - 13 Riverside Drive
3 bed /
2.5 bath
From the low $400,000s
Joseph - 2,367 sq feet - 11 Riverside Drive
4 bed /
2.5 bath
Please call for price.