Stone Ridge Meadows

Stone Ridge MeadowsThe Vision of Stone Ridge Meadows

The character of Stone Ridge Meadows has been designed to complement the surrounding community. The 12th Street entrance provides majestic evidence of Mother Nature’s handiwork demonstrated in the existing wooded-area entrance leading to two naturalized ponds, further reflecting our development priorities of conservation and preservation.


The ponds, located on the west side of the development, will serve a functional purpose as an internal storm water system for the Meadows while also picking up drainage from the rear lots on Montgomery Avenue and Procure Drive to the south. The shorelines will be visible for both pedestrians and motorists to enjoy and will create a rolling landscape with a mix of grassy areas and rock edges. Plants such as Black-eyed Susans, Prairie Switch Grass and Bottlebrush Sedge will dot the shoreline.


Ecole R.W. Bobby Bend School (Elementary)

Kelsey School (Elementary)

Stonewall Centennial Jr. High School

Stonewall Collegiate (High School)

Faith Academy (Private)
Phone: (204) 467-5833

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